Why do I need to get an inspection?

As of 1 January 2017, all residential swimming pools and small heated (spa) pools need to be inspected and certified that they are safe every three years.

Why has someone made this rule?

Government has set minimum standards for the structures around pools that keep children, under 5 years of age, safe. So effectively it is to stop children drowning in pools.

Are swimming pools and spa pools treated the same?

No, they have different standards as to what complies for things that restrict access and keep children safe. A pool always has to have a means of restricting access but the spa pool only needs it when it is not in use.

What is a swimming pool?

This has a wide definition. So, any structure or excavation designed for swimming, paddling or bathing with over 400mm of water. It excludes ordinary home baths and artificial lakes.

What is a small heated (spa) pool?

It is a pool with a surface area less that 5m2 and is designed for therapeutic or recreational use. (HINT how to measure your pool surface. Use a tape measure and measure two adjoining sides of your pool, on the inside where the water and sides meet. Then multiply them together e.g. 2m x 2m = 4m2)

What do I have to do for my spa pool to comply?

The requirements for a spa pool apply to when it is not in use. It needs to have a lockable cover that is more than 760mm above the ground, the cover has to be able to withstand a foreseeable load and can be readily returned to closed. This last requirement is usually met with a lever system for the lid that helps you open and close it.

What if my pool is not in use?

The requirements apply to all pools that are filled or partially filled. Decommissioning your pool, so that it is empty, will meet the requirement. Note there is always a challenge on keeping pools empty as water or rain can get in.

But my pool is inside the house so do these rules apply?

Yes, indoor pools are included. To comply the door into your pool area cannot be readily opened, will have to be self-closing and alarmed.

This is a complex area and we recommend that you seek specific advice.

I only use a portable (inflatable) pool during summer or at the bach. Do these rules apply?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if your pool is temporary or transportable it still must comply.

Can I just build a fence to make my pool comply?

Yes, you can but you need to know two things. Pool fencing has specific requirements about height and spacing of battens and rails etc. Also, if you want to build a pool barrier you must get a Building Consent from your local Territorial Authority (Council).

What standards are going to be applied.

You have a choice;

If you want a simple one-off inspection according to the Building Regulations from 1 January 2017 we can do that for a fixed fee.
If you want to renew a previous Building Consent or Certificate of Compliance or Exemption we will have to access Council records and purchase a set of plans and consents. We do this on a time and material basis.

When do I need to get an inspection?

Government require you to get one done every 3 years and your local Council manages this. This can be triggered by the date on your Building Consent, Certificate of Compliance or Exemption. If those don’t exist then it can be triggered from when your Territorial Authority (Council) knew about your pool.

Why use you guys?

We will manage the entire process from inspecting, measuring and photographing your pool, through to lodging your certificate of compliance with your Territorial Authority (Council). We provide the complete no-fuss service now and for the future.

How come you’re allowed to do that?

We are an Independent Qualified Pool Inspector (IQPI) company authorised by MBIE. You can check their online register of IQPI Inspectors.

Won’t my Territorial Authority (Council) do this for me?

Yes your Council can do this for you. We work across all Councils and find that they have highly variable charging rates. Check with your council for theirs. We believe that we are unique at $190 inclusive of inspection and 1 x re-inspection. 

What happens in three years’ time?

We will notify you 6 months before your next inspection and re-inspect you based on the information we already have for you.