Terms and Conditions

  1. We must come to your premises and do a physical inspection of the barriers. We cannot do reports based on photography or other information
  2. A responsible adult must be on site to accompany the inspection and give access to the pool and environs
  3. The IQPI Report is accurate as of the date and time it was completed.  Any subsequent changes will require re-inspection
  4. The inclusive one-off fee applies to rural properties but Poolchecknz will have to charge for travel times
  5. The one-off fee includes one re-inspection.  If a further re-inspection beyond this it will attract the inclusive one-off fee again
  6. The inclusive one-off fee is payable at the time of inspection by cash, EFTPOS or credit card
  7. We can forward a further electronic copy of the IQPI report to you at any time but we may recover costs on this
  8. We maintain your personal information in a secure electronic format
  9. Where Poolchecknz performs work for the customer, it will ensure that competent and suitably qualified personnel carry out all work, in a professional manner and in accordance with the appropriate standards and regulations.
  10. The Customer will ensure that all information provided to Poolchecknz is accurate, and that they will inform Poolchecknz promptly of any material changes to this information.
  11. Poolchecknz shall not be liable for any consequences of the provision of services to you, except for consequences
    arising as a direct result of the proven negligence on the part of Poolchecknz.
  12. The Customer is liable for and indemnifies expert against any costs, expenses, or damages incurred by expert as a result of
    the Customer failing to comply with their obligations under this clause.
  13. Dispute Resolution the parties agree to do their utmost to ensure that disputes between them are settled equitably, amicably, quickly and without resort to arbitration. In the event of any dispute relating to or arising out of this agreement, the parties shall (without prejudice to any other right or entitlement they may have pursuant to the Agreement otherwise), explore whether the dispute can be solved by agreement between them using informal dispute resolution techniques.