What we do

CONTACT US - fill in the enquiry form and leave it to us 

WE WORK WITH YOU – we will organise a date and time that suits you

WE COME TO YOU – we will inspect when and how it suits you

WE PROVIDE YOU - a full electronic report and lodge a copy for you at Council

WE COME BACK – if you have to conduct remedial work we will come back once for free

YOUR RECORDS – we keep a permanent electronic record of your inspection

WE MANAGE YOUR FUTURE – we will tell you when your pools needs re-inspection in 3 years

TRAVEL – we do apply a fuel surcharge to any address outside Kapiti

STANDARDS – we recommend Building Code Clause F9 AS/1 and AS/2

Inspections are done using state of the art photogrammetry tools, smart devices and electronic forms.

  • All measurements and photographs are incorporated into an IQPI Inspection Report
  • We file that with Council for you and provide you a copy
  • We also retain a permanent record for you